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    2013-3-2 23:58
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    I think most electronic or PCB engineers have encountered problems like this one:   May I name it as "The longest distance for electronic engineers"?   During PCB design, the component placement and routing are the keys for the circuit to perform well (of course providing that the schematic has been drawn correctly), especially for analog circuits. When we have placed the components well like having different modules and applied EMC design considerations, the routing might not be done successful...   Usually we cannot change the number of layers of the PCB due to cost and other issues. When this problem happens, we may have to rework the routing several times... If the problem still exists, the components placements could be changed and then start the routing again...  When the problem still takes place, we may need to change the schematic like swapping the pins and then start to placement the components and routing...   What a hard task PCB design is!