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    2014-8-27 14:56
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    自从在U-Boot的根目录README文件里面,发现“windoze”这个词堂而皇之的出现,就知道写U-Boot这帮人,绝对是屌丝中的战斗机。其实这算是很给比尔.盖茨面子了吧,以前在研究Linux的V4L驱动时,看到一个欧洲的工程师博主是这么写的:windoooze~ 刚刚在Twitter上又看到这么一条,名叫Bryan的工程师发的: To estimate how long it will take to automate something on windows, take how time to do something similar on linux and multiply by 10. 貌似欧美的工程师对windows的吐槽一个比一个狠啊。再分享一个学习U-Boot制作方法的guide,同样以极其e~~~的方式出现在README文件里面: U-Boot Porting Guide: ---------------------- int main(int argc, char *argv " | xargs grep -i */     }     if (available_money toLocalCurrency ($2500))         Buy a BDI3000;     else         Add a lot of aggravation and time;     if (a similar board exists) {    /* hopefully... */         cp -a board/ board/         cp include/configs/.h include/configs/.h     } else {         Create your own board support subdirectory;         Create your own board include/configs/.h file;     }     Edit new board/ files     Edit new include/configs/.h     while (!accepted) {         while (!running) {             do {                 Add / modify source code;             } until (compiles);             Debug;             if (clueless)                 email("Hi, I am having problems...");         }         Send patch file to the U-Boot email list;         if (reasonable critiques)             Incorporate improvements from email list code review;         else             Defend code as written;     }     return 0; } void no_more_time (int sig) {       hire_a_guru(); } ========================== 怎么说呢?这帮人,果然是闲得蛋疼~~~