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    This time I would like to share a few recently-drawn Altium libraries. They are (1) Micro SD Card Slot (SMT) (2) MiniUSB Socket (SMT) (3) FPC 20-pin, 1mm pitch Socket (SMT)   Important note: The schematic symbols or footprints of (1), (2) and (3) may vary due to different manufacturers and different batches. Double check the suitability before use.   (1) Micro SD Card Slot The footprint was created for a surface-mount micro SD Card slot from Taobao. This slot is one with spring inside. When the micro SD card is inside the slot, press it again will release the card. (自彈) Fig. The micro SD card slot from Taobao   Since SD cards can be accessed through SPI or SDIO protocols, the symbol was created with marked to the pin names. Fig. The schematic symbol   There is a pin, this pin will be shorted to the casing when the card is inserted. So an external pull-up resistor and connecting the casing with Ground(VSS) are suggested to detect the card by I/O input with MCU.   Fig. Footprint for the micro SD slot   (2) MiniUSB Socket This is a simple mini USB socket Fig. The mini USB Socket   Fig. Mini USB symbol   Fig. mini USB Socket footprint   (3) FPC 20-pin side-mount socket FPC Cable is widely used to connect PCBs on movable mechanical parts, like scanner and printers. Fig. A scanner using FPC cable to link the scan sensor (Source: www.truetex.com)   Fig. The 20-pin, 1mm pitch FPC sockets (side mount)   Fig. 20-pin, 1mm pitch FPC Cable Fig. The FPC 20-pin symbol   Fig. The FPC 20-pin, 1mm pitch side-mount socket   Although the above symbols and footprints are not complicated to draw, I would like to share them here because I think sometimes it is quite time-consuming to draw the footprint of a new component, especially without the CAD dimension drawings on hand. In that case, we have to measure the dimensions first and then draw the footprint carefully. But if there is libraries of similar parts, simple modifications on the existing libraries (like modifying the number of pins in the above FPC socket) would fit the new component - need to draw from zero. So it could be very helpful to others if we draw the libraries and then share them to others :)
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    miniusb接口定义看到网络上有很多USB,Mini-USB接口的文章,里面很多的贴图要么不清楚(不是照片,而是手画的),要么就是错误的(按照它的标法插头都插不到插座里),考虑到USB连线和接口的广泛使用,特重新整理编辑,希望对大家有所帮助。    下面介绍的是标准USB接口定义USB是一种常用的PC接口,只有4根线,两根电源两根信号,需要注意的是千万不要把正负极弄反了,否则会烧掉USB设备或者电脑的南桥芯片![pic][pic]  其中ID脚在OTG功能中才使用。由于Mini-USB接口分Mini-A、B和AB接口。如果你的系统仅仅是用做Slave,那么就使用B接口。系统控制器会判断ID脚的电平判断是什么样的设备插入,如果是高电平,则是B接头插入,此时系统就做主模式(mastermode)如果ID为低,则是A接口插入,然后系统就会使用HNP对话协议来决定哪个做Master,哪个做Slave。这些说明为技术人员总结的,仅供参考。我们手机上一般用的都是B型Mini-USB口下面贴一张常见的USB接口图片[pic] 从左往右依次为:miniUSB公口(A型插头)、miniUSB公口(B型插头)、USB公口(B型)、USB母口(A型插座)、USB公口(A型插头)……