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    公司建立内部信息系统,以ERP为例,从原材料的订购、运输、入库、出库、产线加工、成品入库、出库发货,这形成了一个实体流程,伴随其中原材料、过程半成品、成品的流转与数量组成了虚拟流程,这些数据的包含了生产的核心:生产计划和生产过程的控制。并在逻辑上以客户订单为导向,形成了入、出、入的生产过程闭环。在一个组织内实现了基于实体流程的绝对增值和基于虚拟信息流程的相对增值。 The company establishes an internal information system. Such as ERP, from theraw materialsordering, transportation & storage, delivery, production line processing, finished product storage and delivery, this forms a physical process from raw materials and to finished products. The flow and quantity them constitute a virtual process that contains the core of production: production planning and control of the production process. Guided by customer orders logically, formed theclosed loopof input, output, and input thenimplementedabsolute value-added based onphysical processand relative value added based on virtual information processes within an organization. 将该成果逆流而上,延伸到供应商,将预期的生产计划通过供应商管控系统提前分解通知给每一个供应商。相当于将上文的供应管理外延,变得更加精准,同时,有效降低了本组织的库存、资金等实体流程关键因素的压力,特别关键的物料,还会上溯到二级供应商。这样,就在上下游两级商业单元之间建立了闭环的虚实流程。 The resultscouldbe flown upstream extended to the supplier, and the expected production plan will be notified to each supplier in advance through the supplier management and control system. This madethesuppliermanagement more precise. At the same time, it effectively reduces the pressure on the key factors of the organization's physical processes such as inventory and capital. The key materials are also traced back to the secondary suppliers. In this way, a closed-loop virtual andphysicalprocess is established between the upstream and downstream business units. 将该成果顺流而下,延伸到商,各渠道商根据既往的销售业绩预期下个时间单位的预期,汇总至核心组织,制定更准确的生产计划以及其他商业策略。由此,形成了贯穿上中下三级的商业体系,并根据下游的输出直接作用于上游的输入,形成了更有效的闭环控制。 The results will be streamed down to thechannel, and each channel will be aggregated to the core organization based on past sales and expected to produce more accurate production plans and other business strategies. As a result, a commercial system that runs through theupstream, midstream, downstreamstages is formed, and a more effective closed-loop is formedaccording tothe downstream outputfeedbackto controlupstream input.