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    Home IOT 2.2.3 Platform
    For example, B&Q uses a building as market. He installed water, electricity, and network, provided shop, parking lots, and set up a business office to attract shops. The builder provided the infrastructure for these stores,that is IAAS, B&Q provided a service platform for these stores, that is PAAS, shop provided consumers with specific goods, that is SAAS. The platform is between infrastructure and content services. It is often overlooked for ordinary consumers, but it is critical in the industry chain. At home, the computer is IAAS, windows is PAAS, office and other application software is SAAS; mobile phone is IAAS, Android is PAAS, various apps are SAAS. Just a decade ago, the platform also had a name called ISP. Its main characteristics was support and convergence. Its business core was users and payments. IAAS is the user's hardware entry, which is the physical entry. PAAS is the user's software entry, which is the logical entry. They are the two sides of the user's network entry.
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    家庭物联网 2.2.3平台
    2.2.3 平台 之前曾经举过一个例子, IAAS是开发商建设的一栋大楼,百安居使用该大楼作为大卖场,他铺设了水、电、网络,提供了铺面、停车场,设置了招商办公室,吸引店铺入驻。开发商为这些店铺提供了基础设施IAAS,百安居为这些店铺提供了一个服务平台PAAS,这些店铺为消费者提供了具体的商品服务SAAS。 平台介于基础设施和内容服务之间,对于普通消费者来讲,往往是忽视的,但在产业链中,则是关键的。 类比,家庭中,电脑是 IAAS,windows是PAAS,office等应用软件是SAAS;手机是IAAS,安卓是PAAS,各种APP是SAAS。 仅仅十年之前,平台还有一个令行业着迷的名字,叫做 ISP,他的特征是支撑和汇聚,他的商业核心是用户和支付。 IAAS是用户的硬件入口,是物理入口,PAAS则是用户的软件入口,是逻辑入口,他们是用户网络入口的一体两面。