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    2013-5-8 23:24
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    We are usually being told that using WLEDs (White Light-Emitting Diodes) for lighting purpose has many advantages. For example, high efficiency, high brightness and much longer lifetime than fluorescent lights. However, since many manufacturers wish to reduce the cost of production and to increase the light intensity, the WLEDs are being 'pushed' to the maximum power they can affort... As a result, the lifetime of those WLEDs will be shortened (or more precisely saying, the light intensity and efficiency decreases significantly) in a period of time. More importantly, the driver / controller will be burnt due to the excess loading or temperature due to the heat generated. Fig. A burnt controller in a MR16 (4x1W) WLED bulb   Although the controller PCB which is very cheap (RMB$2) can be replaced easily, many people may throw those LED bulbs which are out of order away, even if only the controller is burnt.... The result contradicts the original intention that using WLEDs for lightening up the environment.