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    3.2.2 Digital smart home gateway In the IOT system, smart gateway is very important part. It is the interface of user and it is responsible for the digital home IOT platform for all the specific service. The smart gateway hardware scheme has not only simple and stylish appearance, but also good physical and electrical performance and extensibility, at the same time it has good security. Hardware platform requirements: Hardware platform must own strong power, sufficient resource to satisfy extension requirements. Platform can support multiple format AV encoding and decoding.Platform should be designed modular so as to form various types of products quickly. Digital smart home gateway product form   Typical product form includes: Ø   smart phone Ø   smart TV Ø   STB  
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    3.2 Gateway hardware configuration  Some professional integration system own their special gateway, for example, security host. But we can use some universal home appliances to work as gateway, Internet router, smart TV, STB, smart phone etc. As mentioned above, it only need Home IOT middleware which is a set of predefined rules for home sensors and can be ported to different hardware platform.   3.2.1 Internet Router Now common router on the market owns one interface, X LAN interface and support 802.11 WLAN protocol. It use Linux OS. Pic 3.1    
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    3.Home IOT Gateway 3.1 Home IOT Gateway overall description Gateway is the core of Home IOT at home. It is the key control unit with the server platform and home IOT sensors. In some ways, Gateway entered user home is the key step of Home IOT marketing, SP could provide more value-added APP to user based on it. That ’ s is so called  “ Hardware is base, Software is core ” .  Gateway should satisfy these features as below and there are also the key features of the Home IOT middleware. 3.1.1 Follow standard protocol of smart home In China IT filed, the most popular smart home protocol include  ITopHome and  IG RS. But in fact it is more chaos. You can define the IOT rule. Follow standard protocol means that the gateway owns strong  Openness and compatibility. We know standard protocol is nothing to do with hardware platform, this result in the program can be ported to different gateway hardware system. It is not only for technology, but also for resources integration. It can be accessed the third APP easily.  3.1.2 Router and Network management In fact, being the core connection device of the Server and Home network device, Router and Network management is the necessary function of Gateway. 3.1.3 Sensor device inspection and dynamic management As the core device of Home IOT control unit at home, the most important function of gateway is sensor device management, including inspection and dynamic management. This is the most important function of Home IOT middleware. 3.1.4 Wired network and wireless network interconnection At home, there exist different networks: LAN, WLAN, BT etc. Different home appliances and sensor devices own different communication mode. Home Gateway must abstract these difference in middleware then the devices can be accessed with a unified manner.  At the same time, multi-screen interaction is the most popular entertainment at home. PC, the media resource can be shared among TV, PAD, smart phone by DLNA protocol.
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    2.3 Cooperative development of Manufacture,operation and  value-added service  We research Home IOT, that is,we must research cooperative industrial of Manufacture,operation and value-added service. We have known that sensor and gateway at home are hardware. That means Home IOT must own a hardware system. This system should be opening and union .It research home hardware network, define interconnection rules, provide opening access standards. Then EMS can product hardware device to fit it easier,now some famous company have done this thing such as GOOGLE,APPLE... Similarly, We have known that Home IOT system must own a powerful BOSS platform, it devote APP store including User Center, APP management, Payment management etc. At same time, it allows the third design company to access their value-added application. The most important thing is that we must define proper strategy to integrate industry chains so as to service consumer and earn money.It should include business model, service mode etc. This book will be discussed one by one, please give your advice.
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    2.2 Key elements According to chapter 1, when thief entered house, he was discovered by infrared scanner,IP camera or other sensor, sensors detected this invade information and told gateway,gateway transferred it to serve platform, platform gave an alarm to house owner or do other thing according to default logic. As we know, These sensor are named Sensor layer; Home gateway, networking and platform are named Transport layer; Default logic such as alarm is called Application layer. These three layer is the simply IOT structure. Pic 2.4 Reference to Pic 2.4,this is a simply Home IOT sketch map. In home block, there are a few kinds of sensors, that is Sensor layer. Gateway, Internet, Server and their communication channel is   Transport layer. Application Layer is the interactive of user and computer (User mobile and PC client). At same time, there is a important role, SP / CP Administrator, provide server to user. According to Pic 2.4, we can think that Home IOT is similar with E-commerce, IM and others home applications, beside sensor hardware.Of course, they may be great difference in practice.