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    不知从何时起,商铺对于顾客进行了分类,经常光顾的出手大方的叫做老主顾、大客户、VIP,偶尔来的、计较的叫小客户、散户。与之对应的服务措施也是不同的,大客户要发个贵宾卡,到贵宾室,还要打个折扣,小客户一边呆着。到了互联网的年代,更是将客户管理发挥到了极致,在技术上形成了一套成熟的框架机制,称之为用户中心。 We don't know when the shops have classified the customers, the menpurchased frequentlyare called big customer or VIP and the others are called retail. The corresponding service are also different. Big customers are send VIP card, and they are given a discount in the VIP room. The retail customers stay alone. In the era of the Internet, the customer management formed a mature framework in the technology, called the user center. 大的商场看好了东西之后,服务员开了单了,你要去一个叫做付款处、收银台的地方排队缴费,或者现金,或者刷卡,这种行为称之为支付。现在的网络支付手段之多,包括了各大银行的网银、支付宝、微信等等,消费者们总是很赶时髦的,实体的卡、虚拟的账号无所不有。不怕没钱,就怕没卡。同样,多种支付手段也会集成到一起,称之为支付中心。 Inthe big mall,when customer want to buy something,he shouldgo to a place calledcashierto pay the bill, cashorbankcard. This kind of behavior is called payment. Nowadays, there are many online payment methods, including online banking, Alipay, WeChat, etc. Consumers are always very fashionable,they own moreand morephysical cards and virtual accounts, maybe there is no money in the account.Similarly, multiple payment methods are also integrated,it ispayment center. 有了用户,有了钱,至于做的东西,不好意思,应该称之为产品,更时髦的名字叫做内容、应用、服务,只要有给力的策划团队进行包装,在这个经常会刮那种把猪都飞到天上的大风的时代,业务逻辑还有什么不好做的,可以迭代嘛。 Now, there have user center and payment center. Which goods want to be sold? sorry, it should be called a product, the more fashionable name is content, application, service.These times, as long as thereis a powerfulproductteam toplan it, iit is OK. If somebody mentioned the business logic have small flaw,itcan be iterated.
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    我们先来看一下信息时代,终端消费者的网络消费习惯吧,打开浏览器或者某个应用,会有一个登录界面,用户名和密码,进去之后,浏览内容,网购、音乐视频等等,选中商品,无论是实体的还是虚拟的,支付费用,然后使用。 Let'sobservetheconsumption habits of the end consumersinthe informationera,heopen a browser or an application, there will be alogin UI to inputusername and password,thenhe couldbrowsecontent,goshopping,listenmusic, etc., selected products Whether it is physical or virtual, pay the fee and then use it. 无论是什么年代,规模化的商业活动,从商品提供方的角度来讲,必然包含代表自己身份的要素,代表消费者的要素,代表付款的要素,代表商品或服务的要素。即使最普通的小商店,也必然会有一个门面写着XX商店,一个售货员说声您好,一个抽屉用来收钱,一个柜台摆着商品。 Regardless of thetimes, large-scale commercial activities, thegoodsprovider, must contain elements that represent their own identity,theelements that represent the consumer,the elementsthatrepresent ofpayment, the elements represent of the goods or services provided. Even the most common small shop, there must be asign printedXX store, A waiter said hello, a drawer for collecting money and a counter for goods.
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    技术永远是为业务服务的,业务的本质就是利益。 The technology always serve for Business,the business natural is profit. 无论技术如何发展,商业的几大要素,卖方、买方、产品、货币这些古老的要素是不可或缺的,与时俱进而已。 No matter how the technology develops, the ancient major elements of business, the seller, the buyer, the product, and the currency are indispensable, andkeepingup with the times. 古老的年代,与物换物,以贝换物,以金换物,以票换物。这其中,买方持币,买方持物。商品不断丰富,对应的机构逐步健全。 In ancient times, things were exchanged with things, exchanged with shells, exchanged with gold, and exchanged with tickets. The buyer holds the currency and the buyer holds the goods. Commodities becomeabundant, and the business institutions are gradually improved.