原创 World of Warcraft Warlock 1-60 tribal processes,

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01 - 12 silver so far做不下去do松森林

Here -------------- --------------------- fat blue

13 - 20 at the crossroads where many tasks, there are a number of task chain

20 - 21 holes to play wail
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-------------- Here out of the magic-mei ----------------

21 - 23 Venture Capital Hill Stonetalon family (lv20)

24 - 27 Ashenvale Bear strange (lv24-26) West Coast, many tasks, you can do

28 - 32 1000 needle Shilin End task level for almost a

33 - 35 thorns Valley hunting to cheetah hunting a tiger head fluttering so long to kill again杀杀杀

Plain flash a lot of tasks it is worth mentioning that there's a turtle (lv32-35) to the scales off a 10s, the price of the 60 odd years are few and far between

36 - 37 thorns Valley family of venture capital (lv35-36) In short, more good bully

38 - 39 barren doing the tasks can be

40 - 41 to change a color for the monastery can be equipped with, a lot can be used for 50 +

42 - 44 Feralas杀牛has been头怪(lv42-44) I lost a purple sword, we let ^ ^ YY

45 - 47 Feralas Snowman (lv43-45) released the following lightning that Hippogryph (lv45-46) surprisingly little blood power leveling

Cerberus ------------- ---------------- became the main force

48 - 51 Feralas North banshee who hawk Stephen (lv48-50) none, the best upgrade

52 - 54 Isaac拉萨特(lv51-53) and easy to focus, but the devil out cloth

55 - 57 Winter Fountain Valley lake of the dead among the group (lv54-56) to the monster rather than the blood level of violence is more violence and more blood injury, where

Investigation of the blame for a long time before I settled in, less blood is relatively annoying magic, but with puppies are cut to

58 - 60 copies to the major high-level mixed it rest assured that the wizard can not worry about Group Team
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After the experience of 40 to start slow, but also not to be found where the League of harassment and had to farm to achieve the maximum speed of


Often see a lot of 50 + the wizard also with fat blue练级really feel very ignorant. Indeed, the vast majority of cases, the blue is the safest fat, but do dps? For example, make a strange 2000HP, suffering the curse of 400 injuries, 400 corruption, sacrifice 300, wand 300, which is necessary to fill the last time, or corruption of blood, and Mei can provide 400 + magic damage, compared to fat blue averaged 6 seconds how fast

After 45 I began to stare at the strange magic play, no more than one thing: less blood; but at the same time is also very powerful anti-magic, which most of the time I use Cerberus: offensive and defensive magic blood and Mei similar resistance to fight the skills (not to mention you do not know ), silent skills, increase blood absorption of harmful magic. There is also a feature of Cerberus: not afraid to add. Strange sometimes to two or even a strange consumed less than

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Warlock a good friend, a good equivalent to having a magic wand wizard fourth DOT, as a wizard, equipment can be bad, must be the best magic

Supply magic tools:

1 fresh dead body right! Is fresh corpse! Back to the blood by the percentage (35%) skills, such as it is I must练级essential skills. Note: approximately 50% of the blood back to the dead humanoid strange and useful

2 bandage that said no

3 life-streaming, I did not cut its No.

4 more to the late dark deeds, the role of the more obvious

The lives of many of my friends used to promote streaming + vampire to achieve low, I do not agree with this approach. First of all, too much consumption of blood-sucking demons, it is difficult to achieve the effect of low; the injury was followed by blood-sucking is poor, replace with a magic wand and magic is both high-injury, why not

With less than练级skills:

1 vampire reasons already mentioned

2 Shadow Arrow poor DPM, even a night I usually do not have to consider that with

3 fear the strange play I do not need the blood I fear, after all, but also lead to other strange run the risk of

4 life even more miserable siphonic DPM, really can not find reason to use it

Added: a copy of these types of magic in the three years and more than a monster to deal with when it is very useful

Would like to have a wizard to help new
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Natural make up

Enhanced corrosion of 10-14 patients (5 / 5) points will be natural healers, the short-term high corrosion re-injury is a painful night with one of the hallmarks of healers

15-16 to strengthen the lives of shunt (2 / 2) accumulated 60 to strengthen the magic of these can be submerged Orgrimmar

17-19 to strengthen the life lessons (3 / 5), in my view better than nothing, after all, is not used up to the Magic

20 Curse of the increase (1 / 1) Every three minutes a painful injury curse 150% or slow down a strong, practical

21-24 focus on the devil (4 / 5) of the capital as one of the tanks Pouilly

25-26 night (2 / 2) power source of the pain Warlock, Shadow Arrow in the lead when a night out, so:
Shadow Arrow -> Shadow Arrow -> Death Coil 3 Shun-fa, the feeling is like between the equator and the Arctic shuttle

27-28 relentless extension (2 / 2) can be effective in pain the whole system, do not you add it?

29 Devil focus (5 / 5)补上一point here

30 siphon life (1 / 1) and add a copy of useful time and at the same time is the shadow of the pre-master

31 Fatigue curse (1 / 1) met the Union想逃kite-flying children or go out with

Enhance the fatigue curse 32-34 (3 / 4) I would also like to point over ah, who told them enough points, only Blizzard can all point manager full bar

35-39 Shadow master (5 / 5) This is a very interesting talent, and overall strengthening of your pain, corrosion, Vampire, Shadow Arrow

40 Dark Leases (1 / 1) Well, finally the 40 skills, looking at the shadow priests in狂笑,洒满and Hunter walked into the fitting room, what we get?

Endless mana? With a copy of Home still possible. Looked at 100 points each time the poor devil was dry pet every time, I was really

Mimi a regret. Well, look at the nature of the suffering of what wizard? Is to achieve a qualitative change in the quantity. Itself is quite easy

练级the contract reached with perfect dark (too much). The skills for the little devil and the status of the dog that did not name the two tailor-made degree. Mei

I tend to open the magic whip pain and hurt is followed, hatred is the main.

Demon 41-45 over (5 / 5), none, 15% of life + life + rock + blood bottles sacrifice + soul link, future generations, a bucket of Jianghu

46-50 to strengthen Shadow Arrow (5 / 5) play a small role in

51-55 disaster (5 / 5) to allow time for the three commonly used to reduce the light magic, is excellent value for money, that is what I do not choose to line the main reason for the development of the devil

56 Shadow ignition (1 / 1) too late, than never to good at this time if you no soul bags, and a few pieces of your soul never more than five, I can only say one word: junk ~

57-60 damage (4 / 5) storm hit is always good, but I want to say is not as good as storms hit the high-lucky, lucky than good character 
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Finished, this talent for reference only, has a strong subjective element, we agree that if we do not, and I am happy. Why happy? Because I'll have to wash the talent, the talent is no longer a thing of the past bad you


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